Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nick Brousseau Excited to be Coming to WYO!

Incoming recruit Nick Brousseau is working hard this offseason getting ready to join the Cowboys this fall.

"Nick Brousseau is good to go.

The University of Wyoming signee was visited by his position coach Friday morning during a weight training class at Chippewa Falls High School."

Brousseau is spending a lot of time in the weight room right now,

"Gerner said Brousseau had a good foundation for the weight training he’ll undergo as a Division 1 football player.

'Nick personally is very dedicated to the weight room in the last couple of years. I had no concerns about him continuing to progress,' he said. 'Now he can get a little bit of training from some of our coaches, our strength program, maybe it will be a better deal for him.'"

Brousseau will probably redshirt this coming season.


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